United Party For National Development (UPND) leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice President Mutale Nalumango have differed over plans to move the capital city from Lusaka to the southern part of the Country in Monze to be specific, HH’s birth place.

The proposal was first announced to the UPND’s National Executive Committee on Monday the 10th of May 2021 by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema who argued that Monze was proposed because Lusaka is congested and disqualified to continue being the capital city of Zambia but his Veep Mrs. Nalumango argued that such a decision would make the party unpopular among voters.

“When you look at Lusaka in the next 10 years, the city will not be able to sustain us and we need also to make sure that Southern province gets a fair share of development. The rate at which commerce and industry and official activities are growing cannot be met with Lusaka’s ability to grow its capacity,” argued HH angrily as he tried to convince his Veep to by into the idea.

“Monze in the Southern province has vast land and ideal for the capital city as it is closer to our tourist capital than Lusaka,” added HH.

HH further said that feasibility studies for the new capital city based on the modern principles of sustainable development will begin immediately after the UPND win the elections. And in her argument Mrs. Mutale Nalumango said the UPND had for a long time being accused of being tribal and shifting the capital city to southern province would justify the accusations.

However the choice of Monze was supported by Monze Constituency Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu who advised that the various arms of government should be spread across the country.

“There is need to decentralize central government by relocating the executive, legislature, and judiciary to different locations. This will be good for the country, not only for spatial reasons, but also as a means for equitable distribution national resources and promoting national unity,” said Jack Mwiimbu.

Zambia has a population of about 18.2 million with an estimated 2 million living in Lusaka which is one of the fastest-developing cities in southern Africa.