UPND Hichilema accused to be politically benefitting from people killed in suspicious circumstances

Opposition Hakainde Hichilema personally benefits from citizens who are killed in suspicious circumstances, Opposition Economic Equity Party President Chilufya Tayali has charged.

In a live Facebook broadcast today, Tayali said analysis of the pattern on Mr Hichilema’s Facebook in depicting himself as chief mourner of people killed in suspicious circumstances confirms Hichilema’s instable appetite to always take political mileage out of the deaths.

Tayali also made connections to the dots surrounding the death of UPND cadres, Mapenzi Chibulo in 2016, Gadaffi in Kaoma and Vespers Shimunzila, Lusaka in 2019 and now the State Prosecutor Nsama Nsama and a UPND youth Kaunda last week.

Late UPND cadre identified as Gadaffi whom the UPND took to Kaoma from Lusaka where he was shot

“The killer of Mapenzi Chibulo appear to be the same people that took a photo of her running and later killed her. The pattern is appearing to be the same. People are being ferried by the UPND and they are later killed in unknown circumstances during the fracas,” said Tayali.

Mapenzi Chibulo photographed by persons alleged to be her killers shortly before she was shot in suspicious circumstances

Meanwhile Tayali has taken a swipe at the Catholic Bishops for issuing statements that side and shield Mr Hichilema from facing the law.

The Catholic Bishops had earlier said the Zambia Police already know that summoning Mr Hichilema, a leader of one of the major opposition parties is not the same as summoning any other ordinary citizen.

“These remarks by the Bishops are telling the police that they are not free to question Mr Hichilema for wrongdoing but they are free to question any other citizen. That is not justice which the Church must stand on,” said Tayali.

Mr Tayali further admonished the church and NGOs to be more concerned about victims of Mr Hichilema’s wrongdoing than absorbing Mr. Hichilema of any wrongdoing in the name of imaginary human rights.

He said the church and the NGOs must be concerned about equal treatment of human beings irrespective of their status in society.

“Unfortunately, it is clear that the Church in Zambia is taking political sides and eating on the same table with Mr Hichilema. So they cannot criticise or advise him but they come out so quick to defend him,” he said.