People’s Alliance For Change (PAC) President Andyford Mayele Banda has refuted Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s claims that he has already struck a deal with our lenders and they have already agreed a 20% discount.

The United Party For National Development (UPND) leader was quoted in the News Diggers Newspaper as claiming that some lenders have agreed to cut our debt by 20% if UPND wins the elections but Mr. Banda has rubbished the claims calling them cheap politics.

“That is cheap politics because Mr. Hichilema was no legal mandate to negotiate a discount. There are contractual obligations he is now aware of because he was not part of the negotiations at the beginning of the agreements. As Politicians we should be careful with what we say sometimes because careless talk and cheap politics can put the Country in trouble with our lenders,” said Mr. Banda.

When asked why he left Opposition Alliance Mr. Banda said that some Politicians in the Alliance were selfish and only wanted to use others to get to State House. Further the PAC President said some Politicians have an evil agenda for Zambia and Zambians must be careful not to vote for such selfish individuals.