Politics is a very good social science that can bring joy and satisfaction to people but at the same time it can bring excruciating pain if wrongly handled.

One person experiencing “political burns” is United Party For National Development (UPND) leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. This is a difficult time for Mr. Hichilema. We have all witnessed the Internal squabbling and bickering that has compelled many of his prominent party members to join the ruling party. The latest we hear is that his close family members are now joining the PF doubting his leadership skills.

Defections are rocking the UPND ship. What is HH`s plan of action? Will the party still be strong before the votes are cast? Is it time for HH to step down? These are questions that would be hounding any leader who is witnessing his party disintegrate right before him. A visionless leader with no strategy, that is what his party members call him.

Many UPND party members are calling for a change in leadership as he is perceived as confused, bitter and lacks direction. Their calls for change may be silent for now but their intentions are loud. Maybe this would explain why he has always been a contestant and never a winner.

President Lungu’s party has pushed the envelope a notch more and the UPND is scrambling to reach it. There is development happening in all the provinces of Zambia across all sectors – education, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism. The citizens of Zambia demand quality leadership, development of their nation and involvement of all stakeholders, all this and many more in the Patriotic Front.

The Patriotic Front believe in politics of progression. They deliver what the nation expects – more jobs, more wealth, more opportunities, better healthcare and road infrastructure, cordial and meaningful relationships with neighbouring countries.
Mr. Hichilema is battling to keep his party together, what service will he be to the nation?