Today my little son was asking me questions about my family and we ended up discussing my grandfather.

My grandfather was District Executive Secretary in Lundazi during Kaunda era.He worked with Mr William Tekere Banda when he was District Governor(If he is the same man).This was the time of the Landovers written DG Lundazi etc.I lived with my grandfather that time and I vividly remember what kind of man Mr William Banda was.

I remember when the MMD campaign team came to Lundazi,my uncle who was on the campaign team only visited my grandfather at night because my grandfather would have been in trouble if William Banda knew about the relationship.The man was very rough and disrespectful.

I was later shocked when I heard that he had joined MMD the party he worked very hard to destroy.In MMD he continued being rough and violent.He is now with Upnd and right next to Hakainde Hichilema as a right hand man..

My question is has this man changed or he has just shed off his skin but he is the same vernomus snake we know him to be?

We are always advised to choose who to associate with and if this man is HH’s close associate and was voted up to that position,how much faith should the Zambians have in Upnd at the hands of this war Lord?.

Is it an issue of birds of a feather between HH and William Banda?.Are we safe with such people going up? What are these two up to? Did William Banda really win at the NMC or HH had a plan with him? Am sensing danger!!