Outspoken National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Nyirenda has charged that United Party For National Development (UPND) Leader Hakainde Hichilema is a Dictator who is killing Democracy in this Democratic nation.

Speaking when he featured on Joy fm’s Political radio program dubbed the platform, Mr. Nyirenda said should HH be given instruments of power, he would manipulate our Republican Constitution by giving himself absolute powers like he has manipulated the UPND Constitution by making himself infinity President.

Mr. Nyirenda also wondered why the UPND always cry fail when the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ takes a week to announce the final results of the elections when their own party convention results took a week to be announced. He added that he has information that during the UPND convention some people were not allowed to contest certain key positions because they were told that Mr. Hichilema already had people in mind suitable for the positions.

The NAREP President further charged that the UPND should not think that they have already won the elections because they are still a regional Party that will lamentably fail reach the 50%+1 threshold.

When asked if NAREP was part of the UPND Alliance, Mr. Nyirenda said they were not part and parcel of the UPND alliance because NAREP is it’s own party that will not allow to be swallowed by a tribal and greedy party.

Mr. Nyirenda became NAREP’s President in November of 2019 after the Party’s Founding President Elias Chipimo retired from active Politics. He went unopposed at the party’s extraordinary convention that was held in Lusaka after one of the competitors Maybin Kabwe withdrew from the race.