President Edgar Lungu has directed the Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environment Protection to come up with policies that will help alleviate the suffering of people tormented by floods.

Meanwhile President Lungu has cautioned Ministers to against indulging in actions that might bring Government into disrepute.

Raphael Nakacinda sworn in as Minister of Water Development

Speaking during the Swearing-in of Raphael Nakacinda as full Cabinet Minister, President Lungu bemoaned the effects of heavy rains resulting in floods and offshoots of COVID-19 pandemic on the people, especially the under privileged.

“The heavy rain that we have experienced has brought the good news as well as the bad. While we celebrate the effect of the rain on electricity generation, floods right now are wreaking havoc, not only in rural areas but also in towns. Therefore, come up with policies that will help alleviate the suffering of our people,” said President Lungu

The President encouraged the Minister to take interest in harvesting rain water for sustainability.

“It is time the country learnt to harvest rains for the good of the people because the country does not have rainfall throughout the year,” he said.

The President also directed the Minister to look at priority areas like the Grand Kafulafuta Dam on the Copperbelt and ensure it is completed.

“The dam will alleviate the water challenges for the thousands of people on the Copperbelt once completed,” he said.

And President Lungu has warned that he does not expect ministers to usurp the roles of technocrats because such actions will not only entangle them but the rest of Government.