Mr Hichilema has continued to play a victim when he is the one going round encouraging youths to fight.

In his recent statement Mr Hichilema claims the government wants to arrest him, lock him up and poison him behind bars.

However this is not the first time but the 7th time Mr Hichilema is claiming the government wants him dead.

Even when he was incarcerated, Mr Hichilema claimed that they sprayed toxic substances on his private parts but survived

Then it would be safe to say Mr Hichilema has 9 lives because despite being poisoned and experiencing assassination attempts on his life, thier is no single scratch on the mans body.

Either the government has poor assassins or Mr Hichilema is a war addict, hoping to capitalize on the gullible cadres to wage distraction as we head into election period.

No one wants Hakainde dead, rather we want him to live a long life, watching Zambia grow from the comfort of his home reminiscing of how much a failure he was in politics.