It is with no doubt whenever their is a gathering of UPND youths anywhere, a scent for chaos looms near by. The recent fight with the police on the copperbelt on youth day is nothing but a drop in the ocean if we are to look at UPNDs life history and it’s chaotic background.

Hakainde at many occasions has encouraged the youths to fight back, on one end, in order to breed hatred and bitterness amongst the youths and also to evade the law by pretending that his continued remarks of fighting back by all means necessary is only to protect the youths from the PF government.

With president Lungu we have Tasila participating in politics, in the family of our late president Mr Sata we have had Mr Mulenga in active politics, for Mr Rupiah banda We have had the infamous Henry Banda, for the late president Mwanawasa we have had Patrick Mwanawasa in active politics and for the Kaunda family we have had Mr Tilyenji Kaunda who is still active in politics and a political party leader of the UNIP.

Mr Hichilema joined politics 15 years ago but to date he keeps his family far away from the political arena as he encourages other children to fight for him in the name of liberating the nation from God knows what.

Many incidences have occured where young lives have been lost due to Mr Hichilemas continued remarks to fight when he himself and his family are never in the front line but in the comfort of their own homes watching from a distance.

If Mr Hichilema will continue to encourage youths to fight, we only ask that he himself and his family lead by example than coward behind their mantion and let other peoples children lose lives for them.