The national chairperson for UPND Mr Stephen Katuka talking to news diggers media recently claimed that Mr Hichilema was weeping bitterly over Mr Charles Kakomas defection from the UPND. He said Mr Kakomas defection to PF has left Mr Hichilema at a one mans funeral attendance as the man has been left in serious emotional pain.

These revelations came after Mr Hichilema had written a later to Mr Charles Kakoma, wishing him well when infact Mr Hichilema was only pretending to be ok with the defection. Mr Kakoma said Mr Hichilemas spirit has been dampened due to the defection and is clear for UPND members to see that the Hichilema we had before is no longer the same.

“Mr Hichilemas arrogance has cost him because he never heeds to advise,” said Mr Kakoma, “had he listened to us Mr Charles Kakoma would still be part and parcel of our party UPND.”

The UPND is most likely to face more defections after it’s adoption process is complete which is running from 3rd April to the 8th.