You don not need to be a rocket scientist to know Hakaindes strength lies in the economies fails

That is why when corona virus was reported in Zambia, he was pretending to be advising the government to engage a total lock down in the nation. He knew the ripple effect it would cause if the government heed his advise.

The partial lock down alone affected the kwacha strength to date, but that did not stop Hakainde condemning the government on the kwachas weakness forgetting he was the very man who advised them to do so from the very beginning.

And now Mr Hichilemas daily talks are about the price of commodities in the nation. Sharing on social media how Zambians are suffering, but we should ask Mr Hichilema what would he have done.

He has never told us his plans for Zambia, he has never provided a manifesto aside the promise of free education for everyone.

It’s high time Mr Hichilema behaved his age and be the solution to the economy and not the problem. Let him tell us is vision for Zambia