After the three UPND strongholds recorded a low voter registration, Mr Hichilema without any hesitation went seeking for audience from the African union and the SADC through a letter , claiming that the Electoral Commision of Zambia (ECZ) was biased and unfair to them during the registration of voters.

Mr Hichilema in his letter dated 25th March 2021 accused ECZ of registering more voters in the 7 PF strongholds against the 3 UPND strongholds, namely Southern, Western and Northwestern.

However Mr Hichilema has not explained how exactly ECZ managed to register more voters in the other 7 provinces owing to the fact that Southern province, the UPNDs strongest Province was allocated the most registration kits compared to all provinces.

Southern province alone had 308 registration kits, followed by Western province with 289 kits, of which both are UPND strongholds.

Before the general elections have even begun, before the first vote is cast, Mr Hichilema already feels defeated that he has written to the two african organisations seeking intervention in the transparent internal affairs of Zambia.

Questions that should arise are, why is Mr Hichilema failing to engage ECZ on what he terms unfair and biased vote registration when the commission is a door step away, but would rather seek audience from organisations that are most likely not even capable of helping him.

Mr Hichilema should stop his behavior of seeking sympathy from outside entities and blaming everyone else for his own political failures if he wishes to remain relevant in the political arena.

If ECZ is the problem to Mr Hichilema, maybe someone should inform him that ECZ is located at election house, Haile Selassie Avenue in Longacers.