President of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and the UPND’s running mate Mr. Felix Mutati has paid the k95,000 Kwacha which will allow his party to contest in the August general elections.

This information has left Mr. Hakainde disappointed and saddened after being assured by Mr. Fube that the alliance was unbreakable and ready for elections.

The former finance minister Mr. Felix Mutati secretly Paid the k95,000 after being tipped by the MDC members that UPND had been advising them to join the UPND party AND ditch the MDC.

The revelations had forced Mr. Hakainde who was going to announce the changes today.

Mr. Hichilema was planning on announcing that the new running mate was going to be Mrs. Mutale Nalumango who of late had also not been active in the party after being sidelined in the adoption after appointing her as the vice president of the UPND.

Mr. Hichilema however was stopped from holding the press briefing by Mr. Fube who is in talks with both sides in the hopes of uniting them again. Mr. Fube told Mr. Hichilema not to be rational in his decision making because Mr.Fube was optimistic that the alliance would be good for both sides.

Here is Mr. Hichilema’s recent post after canceling the press briefing.