Information reaching the desk is that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema had promised the Lusaka lawyer Mr. John Sangwa the position of Justice minister if he managed to block President Edgar Lungu from contesting in the August elections

Mr. Hichilema had earlier paid the Katuba. MP Mr. Bampi Kapala to work with Mr. Samgwa in petitioning Edgar’s eligibility but was left disappointed with the Katuba MP when he chose to petition without Mr. John Sangwa who the UPND we’re banking on to deliver a stronger petition against President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to contest in the August elections.

Mr. John Sangwa’s petition which was dismissed last evening by the constitutional court was the third of its kind, however, Mr. Sangwa and the UPND are blaming Mr. Bampi Kapalasa’s impatience as the cause of Mr. Sangwa’s petition not pulling through.

The UPND has gone further to block Mr. Bampi Kapalasa from re-contesting the Katuba parliamentary seat and is seeking to replace him with someone else.

However, reaching the newly appointed Secretary-general of the Upnd Mr. Batuke Imenda on the matter was unfruitful as Mr. Imenda did not say much but only that members who took matters into their own hands without the UPND’s consent would have only themselves to blame for the action taken by the party.

More information coming soon. ………