The Hatembos who had dragged Mr Hichilema to court over fake documents purporting Hakainde Hichilema to be the sole owner of the farm number 1924 of Kalomo are still missing.

Before their disappearance, the Hatembos complained that they had been receiving death threats from unknown men believed to be Hakaindes men, who demanded that they either end the land case or watch thier family members die before their eyes before they end thiers too.

The two Hatembos (brother and sister) who were fighting the case we’re then forced to make a video, claiming that they indeed sold the family land to HH when infact they had overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise.

The Hatembos who have had to bury thier parents on the very farm Mr Hichilema is claiming he bought, claimed that men would visit them at awkward times, even at night when they were asleep, which is believed was the reason that led the Hatembos to grow cold feet before they were forcefully made to denounce that the land was theirs through a video shoot that was later published on social media.

However after the Video was made the Hatembos have gone missing for the past 2 month and the family back home in Kalomo are worried of where or what might have happened to them.

The family in the Kalomo district have denounced the facts which were made on the video of which the Hatembos were claiming that thier family farm land was sold to Mr Hichilema.

The family believes Mr Hichilema has had a hand in thier relatives disappearance and have urged the police to investigate thoroughly and quickly on this matter.

We strongly believe Hakainde knows where the Hatembos are.