Mr Hichilimas personal camera man and cross dresser Chellah Tukuta on his facebook page has said Mr Hichilima did well choosing Mr Felix Mutati than choosing Mrs Mutale Nalumamgo because she would have had a lesser impact in the party during elections compared to Mr Mutati.

Mr Tukuta said Mr Hichilimas wisdom was overwhelming, that is why he chose Mr Mutati because choosing Mrs Nalumamgo would not bring about the desired changes the party needed. Mr Tukuta said politics was all about numbers and Mr Mutati was the digits kind of man who would bring people to UPND.

Mr Tukuta said Mrs Nalumango’s position as the vice president of UPND would ensure that the party activities were in order whilst the (big boys) went out and campaigned for the party.
However a Facebook blogger who goes by the name of Mr Kafola reacted to Mr Tukuta’s statements. Mr Kafola told Tukuta that the way he was speaking of Mrs Nalumamgo was disrespectful and unneccesary .he said Mrs Nalumango has been with the UPND since time immemorial and deserved to be respected. Mr Kafola said Mrs Nalumango has been nothing but a loyal and committed member of the party who did not deserve such underrating, disrespectful and unneccesary statements from anyone in the party.

Mr Kafola advised Tukuta not to bring about division in the party but embrace everyone as campaign period kicks off. He said Mrs Nalumango deserved more praises than Mr Mutati because he was only a new member and his loyalty has not yet been proven