Mr Hakainde Hichilema the president of the UPND has praised the violence that rocked the streets of Lusaka yesterday which he called justice for the party..

Mr Hichilema on his facebook page has praised the youths who he called true warriors who defended him and the UPND party. He said such bravery was worth the praise because it will send a signal to who ever is out thier that UPND is not a party to mess with.

Mr Hichilema further stated that other youths across Zambia should emulate the brave warriors who refused to entertain nonsense from the other PF camp. He said the youths had the right to defend the party with every weapon available because the time to fight back violently was now.

Mr Hichilema also said that the youths should not be intimidated and should work together in attacking the lawless carders who thought they were untouchable in Zambia. He said the time to destroy the PF camps was now and all well meaning youths should take up arms and be ready to fight for the party.