Government will recruit more teachers next year, say Minister of General Education, Dennis Wanchinga.

Dr Wachinga, who not give the number of those to be employed disclosed that Government will ban the daily replacement of teachers to curb corruption in the recruitment exercise.

Zambia has an estimated 50,000 unemployed teachers.

Meanwhile, Dr Wanchinga said Government is considering suspending the admission of teachers into colleges to curb the high number of unemployed teachers on the streets.

Dr. Wanchinga said the teacher replacement exercise will instead be done quarterly in order to promote transparency.

Dr. Wanchinga says there is no need of admitting teachers into training institutions when there are many of them unemployed.

He, however, could not give the period that the Ministry intends to suspend the training of teachers in its eleven colleges across the country.

The Minister was speaking when he addressed unemployed teachers from all provinces across the country in Lusaka.

He said the eleven public teacher training institutions will instead focus on in-house training so that teaching skills can be enhanced.

Dr. Wanchinga also said there is no need for teacher training colleges to offer degree programs when the University of Zambia and other institutions are offering similar programs.