Government says it is concerned with the alarming rate at which the third wave of the corona virus currently being experienced by the country is moving.

Ministry of Health permanent secretary for technical services Kennedy Malama says it is concerning that the country has continued recording an increase in covid-19 cases.

Dr. Malama has expressed fear that in the weeks to come the country may reach unprecedented levels as witnessed during the second wave in which over 500 patients were in admission.

He has observed that an increase in new cases will pose a strain on healthcare systems.

Dr. Malama has therefore called on the members of the public to take full responsibility by following public health guidelines and avoid attending mass gatherings which are a conduit to fast-track transmission.

And Dr. Malama has urged public and private schools, colleges and other institutions of higher learning, not to take unilateral decisions of closing institutions but ensure they work closely with the provincial and district health offices in their area for guidance.