A couple days ago, I went to South Point clinic to get regular meds and found they had misplaced my book with a 7 year medical history. They gave me a new one.

I then had to tell the Doctor what meds I’m on.

When it was time to pay, they wanted to charge for consultation.

But I came just for meds, I said.

Yes, but you saw the Doctor, they insisted.

Bill – K580 or thereabouts.

I felt that was wrong, so, I left and went to my long time favourite chemist – Katale’s at Stalilo.

I bought the meds for K110.

Second experience:

A while ago,
I arrived at Coptic Hospital past midnight, hardly able to stand.

I had managed to forget my medical insurance card😞.

Luckily, I had
cash because I discovered the hospital has a ZERO-attention-till-you-pay policy.

I paid for consultation.

I saw the doctor. Then they made me stumble back (as in literally) to reception to pay for the prescribed urgent medication before they would give it to me.

I swore to myself – better go to Levy or UTH, if you are in a medical crisis because private hospitals in Zambia are businesses first.

Ungafe while negotiating to send them a ka airtel money.