By Brightwell Chabusha

Relatives to Pheluna and Milton Hatembo who have been missing for over a month now have made an emotional appeal to their suspected captors who are believed to have been working under instructions.

Pheluna and Milton took UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to court over Farm No. 1924 in Kalomo which their father left for them, but the opposition leader fraudulently acquired it. The matter was dismissed at High Court on grounds that it was statute barred, but an appeal was lodged, only to be dropped later after the duo was threatened by Hichilema through third parties.

What followed was their disappearance and their relatives have no idea where they could be. They now suspect that the worst could have happened because Pheluna has a child with a medical condition that requires her constant attention, hence her long absence is a source of worry.

One of the UPND officials Pheluna last communicated with was Tom Shalundwi. A report of missing person was filed at Lusaka Central Police on Tuesday by brothers to Pheluna and Mr Milton – Emerson and Cosmas Hatembo.

They have made an emotional appeal to the suspected captors of their relatives, asking for their bodies so that they can be buried in Kalomo at Farm No. 1924 where their father was buried.

“If they are dead, we want their bodies so that we can be bury them at Farm No. 1924 in Kalomo where their father is buried, the same farm grabbed from us by Mr Hichilema. Our father left that farm for us and we will ensure all of us are buried there. We will hold a funeral at the farm,” Emerson Hatembo has warned.