How is country is run? There are many issues that the president has to address in his country for it to run well.The president has to look at the country from a broader perspective.The health, education, security etc of the citizens are all important.

Let’s take that we vote Upnd into power and they concentrate on the Dollar and mealie meal prices only,then what good will it be to a nation without health facilities,roads and schools?.

The PF government has worked very hard to improve all sectors by building new schools, hospitals,roads etc.The evidence is there for everyone to see.President Edgar Lungu has shown and exhibited commitment to improve the country’s welfare.It’s normal to criticize, but labeling the government as a failure is total foolishness.Those who oppose are only Hyenas waiting to grab a hard earned meal from the Cheetah.Developmental projects have been well spread across the nation in the past 3 years. We all can’t appreciate but truth will always stand.