THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has allocated more voter registration kits to Southern Province as opposed to all other provinces with similar number of registered voters, Zibani Zambia reporters has confirmed.

A total 308 registration kits have been allocated to Southern Province while 236 kits have been allocated to Central province with Lusaka being allocated 202 Kits. A report filed by Zibani Zambia 2021 Zambia Decides Reporters across the province also collated the allocated of 327 registration kits to Copperbelt, most of which are malfunctioning while 288 kits have been allocated to Western Province.

North Western Province has 180 kits while Northern Province has 244 registration kits. The other provinces are Muchinga with 182 kits, Eastern Province with 289 kits although the province has same numbers of voters with Southern Province while Luapula has 217 registration kits.

Earlier, a whistleblower had informed Zibani Zambia that ECZ Elections Manager, Winner Mwanamonga and ECZ Voter Education Manager, Emmah Mwiinga were responsible for allocation of these kits and that most malfunctioning kits have been allocated to perceived Patriotic Front (PF) strongholds.

Equally, Zibani Zambia can confirm that most Assistant Registration Officers recruited by the Commission in most areas aside from Southern Province are ill-equipped to use the technology employed in voter registration, resulting in delayed voting at polls. In Southern Province, it takes approximately 5 minutes to register one voter while in places like Eastern, Luapula, Muchinga and Lusaka, the process takes about 10 to 12 minutes.

A call to ECZ Elections Manager, Winner Mwanamonga proved futile as his phone was off by press time. Zibani Zambia will also collate how many kits are malfunctioning in different provinces although preliminary report suggest Eastern and Luapula Province has the highest number of malfunctioning kits.