By Pamela Inambao

The Clergy in Zambia has been called upon to preach peace and unity as the country passes through difficult times.

Reverend Godfridah Sumaili made the call in Chinsali district.

Reverend Sumaili who is also former National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister made the call during a meeting with the clergy in Chinsali that took place at Bread of life church.

Rev Sumaili stated that currently the country has experienced many deaths as well as violence during the political parties campaigns hence the need for the church to come on board and pray for the nation.

She said the church has a very important role in uniting the nation in difficult times like this one when the country is recording pockets of violence in some parts of the country adding that there is need for the country to uphold the unity and peace that the country has enjoyed since it got its independence.

She added that there is no need for residents to fight amongst themselves resulting in bloodshed.

”There is no need for violence in this country, because Zambia is a Christian nation and we need to discern this time that we are in,” she said.

She further challenged the clergy to call on political parties and make it clear that anybody who will cause violence and the shedding of blood will not be accepted in the nation.

Rev Sumaili stated that God has been very gracious to the Zambian citizen by giving the gift of the nation Zambia which is a Christian nation saying the blessing comes with many graces.

”If we can just be obedient as a nation to the word of God we shall see great things happening, ” Rev Sumaili stated.

She added that it is through obedient that Chinsali District and Zambia as a whole has seen massive and unprecendented development in various corners of the country.

Rev Sumaili has since thanked the clergy across the country for offering guidance to the citizenry especially as the nation is going through a hard time.

And Chinsali Pastor’s Fellowship Secretary Ken Sibale said there is need for Zambians to conduct themselves in a manner that benefits the call of Christianity.

Pastor Sibale said as clergymen in Chinsali will continue to embrace the peace and unity that the founding fathers fought for in their churches.

”As clergymen we need to look at where the nation is coming from and where we are going as we pray for peace and unity in our churches, ” he said.

Pastor Sibale stated that 30 years of being a Christian nation is a very serious matter that need to be taken seriously by both clergymen and the Zambian citizens.

He said according to the Bible in Hebrews, at the age of 30 one is supposed to be ashered into priesthood saying Zambia has been ashered into priesthood.

”As Chinsali clergymen we promise to preach peace and unity as we celebrate 30 years of a Christian nation of mother Zambia” Pastor Sibale said.

He further thanked Rev Sumaili for meeting the clergy in the area to remind them of their duties as they Minister in their various churches.

Rev Sumaili was in the company of Bishop Billy Mfula who is the overseer of Jesus anointed ministries.

Source: ZNBC《》ZZ