Since taking over Anderson Mazoka’s mantle, UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema’s palm has pointed forward, but every election cycle is reversed to rest on his cheek and wipe his tears, wondering what just happened. All this can be attributed to a lack or absence of a campaign strategy.

Hichilema and the UPND have not had a knack for identifying good campaign strategists. Their only strategy if at all they have any, has been anchored on social media propaganda which portray them as a popular political when they are non-existent on the ground.

The UPND seems to have not realized to date that in an election campaign, winning is everything and an effective strategy goes a long way in contributing towards that victory.

All their shouting from the roof tops is just amounts to political noise and does not translate into any tangible result for the Party for as long as they have no strategy on how to conduct their campaigning. Even shouting, I guess, needs a strategy. Having said that, UPND should get themselves a good and effective political strategist if they are to be relevant to the country’s political equation.

In the PF, that one person the UPND seems to be lacking is Chris Zumani Zimba, an extremely successful and accomplished political advisor to the President whose strategies have won the President and PF numerous bye-elections.

Zimba has not only been instrumental in the victory of Chilubi and Lukasha bye elections but many other elections that the PF has participated. UPND was so sure of defeating PF that it totally knocked them out when the maximum seats were won by PF. This has put Zimba in a formidable position.

Zimba, quiet and resilient by nature, exhibits single-minded determination with the sole objective of making President Lungu not only retain power but be ahead by a huge margin.

Zimba has emerged to be a person who does not let his rivals and detractors distract him from his goal.

As a successful political advisor, he has been unwavering in his approach and adept at overcoming uncertainty and obstacles. This is what UPND lacks and desperately needs unlike Mubita Nawa or William Banda, who exercise their lungs more than their brains. They get misled by the number of people cheering for them at the rallies.

The bottom line is that there is more to campaigning than just screaming at rallies.