Dear Editor,

Please hide my names but allow me to expose the inbuilt rigging scheme at ECZ against us in the PF government.

For the first week of voter registration, Southern Province has recorded the highest new voters than Luapula, Eastern, Northern or Muchinga. This is not about high voter registration turnout because, across the country, the turn out by Zambians to obtain voters cards is very high. The reason is simple; ECZ Elections Manager, Winner Mwanamonga and ECZ Voter Education Manager, Emmah Mwiinga.

Your Vote Counts!

The two run a well calculated rigging designed to favour UPND against the PF government at every stage. At ECZ, the Elections Manager, Mr. Winner Mwanamonga is the man incharge of voter registration, training of district and ward officials as well as the distribution of kits and all voter materials. Ms Mwiinga is incharge of voter education and public awareness. The two run ECZ and ensure everything favours Southern Province and UPND. They are main UPND folks inside ECZ and are behind what is happening in Southern Province now.

In this voter registration, the two made sure Southern Province has be best and most kits as well as well trained registration officers while Lusaka, Copperbelt plus the four PF strongholds were given ill trained officers or those who are anti government who either deliberately very slow or maliciously making people register while omitting some stages but still give them a voters card.

EDITORS NOTE: Zibani Zambia 2021 Zambia Decides team is currently verifying the number of Kits in each province and will update the Nation accordingly.