The Advocates for National Development and Democracy -ANDD- has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- and the Ministry of Health to expedite the setting up of a technical committee to provide campaign guidelines in view of COVID-19.

ANDD Executive Director Samuel Banda says this is to familiarise political parties with the guidelines that will be set.

Mr. Banda says the sooner political leaders acquaint themselves with the campaign rules amid COVID-19, the safer it will be for all Zambians.

Meanwhile, Mr. Banda says the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill will provide a strong legal framework to regulate the country’s cyber space.

He says this will ensure good use and protection of internet users as there has been a rise in Cybercrimes such as bullying, identity theft and social media abuse.

Mr. Banda has since encouraged members of parliament to support the process of enacting the cyber security and cybercrimes Bill into law to serve the majority interests.

He says if stakeholders have reservations about the bill, they should highlight the clauses that infringe on their right so that they can be debated upon in Parliament.