The choice of President Edgar Lungu’s running mate is excellent and a clear demonstration that the head of state is serious about leaving a good legacy, Veteran politican, Vernon Mwaanga has observed.

Commenting on the appointment of Professor Nkandu Luo as President Lungu running mate for the August 12th polls, Mwaanga said the head of state did due diligence and picked an excellent candidate who will help him win the presidential vote because of her enviable and outstanding track record.

The Veteran politican also urged president Lungu not to be distracted by the political noise and unnecessary criticism that will be waged against his running mate adding that anyone the president would have picked would have been a subject of public debate.

” Politics is strategy and President Lungu has shown that he is a great strategist. His choice of running mate in Prof. Nkandu Luo is excellent. I worked with the professor in the MMD administration and I can vouch for her. She is such a great woman who will deliver for the president and by her appointment, you can tell that President Lungu is serious about leaving a good legacy. So let the President not be distracted by the political noisemakers and armchair critics. What he he has done is Commendable,” Mwaanga said.