From the time President Edgar Lungu assumed office, the country’s landscape has undoubtedly seen the changing for the better even in the face of global global warming and in recent times Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to his transformative leadership, Zambia has seen Economic Diversification and Job Creation, Poverty and Vulnerability Reduction, Reduced Developmental Inequalities, Enhanced Human Development and Creation of a Conducive Governance Environment for Diversified and Inclusive Growth.

And this has not gone unnoticed, President Lungu has been praised for this ‘transformative leadership and he has not ended there’.

The Head of State has gone further to appoint more women in the party but also with regards to making significant policy changes in areas that were predominately dominated by males, such land title deeds.

With Inonge Wina, our very first woman Vice Presdient, bowing out of the political race, due to age, this got not only the people in the party speculating on who would take position but also in the opposition parties.

The President had everyone guessing till the very last minute. The announcement of appointing, Prof. Nkandu Luo to the position took everyone by surprise but a move that was greatly appreciated by all seasoned and new leaders. It is encouraging to see women gaining ground in the Zambian political arena.

Prof. Nkandu Luo was appointed only on merit, for her dedication and commitment to the various portfolios she has managed. It is often said that when positions of political power are opened to women it leads to development policies that are more effective and better implemented. Merit goes a long way in the PF party and it is a strategy that works well as per the party`s political advisor.

Her appointment threw UPND into a flux as they, too, were looking to fill in the position of VP to Hakainde Hichilema. Since the UPND does not have a political bent of mind, they have a tendency to replicate.

They have a plagiarized manifesto and, now too, they followed the trend that the PF is setting of appointing a female VP.

This was only done so that they do not receive any negative publicity had they appointed Garry Nkombo, Jack Mwiimbu, Felix Mutati or KBF as a running mate. So much so for their alliance partners who had hoped for some meat!
With so much of replication happening by the UPND, it makes one now wonder, surely, they must now be on the lookout to replicate a Zimba like political advisor, for that is what they sorely lack.

Don’t be surprised if they now hire some one whose name is the same, Zimba by name but no traits that can match the political sense and acumen of the original Zimba.