Economic Association of Zambia President Dr. Lubinda Habazooka has expressed doubts whether the US Embassy in Lusaka is capable of condemning the US Government over the senseless killing of an innocent woman at Capitol Hill yesterday.

Ms Babbitt was an Air Force veteran who served on several tours in the Middle East

A woman was shot dead in cold blood by US security forces after a group of American were sponsored by the US President to commit acts of local terrorism at the US Capitol, the seat for legislative power in the United States.

Two weeks ago, the US embassy in Lusaka issued a statement on the killing of two citizens at the high court. Mr. Habazooka said his stance remains that those killings were unjustified and culprits should be punished but wondered whether the Zambian embassy will also issue a statement on the senseless killing of an innocent woman.

“You know, I don’t like teaching morals to others because am only human. We all make mistakes. The same thing the US wrote memos about has happened in their backyard. The moral lesson here is that let’s stop teaching each other how to live,” said Dr. Habazooka

Dr. Habazooka said God has his own ways of equalising and showing us that we are only human and challenged the US to stop teaching others democracy.

“Let’s learn from each other. Our citizens ever storm parliament and sit in the speaker’s office. So let’s be careful not to teach each other how to live,” he said.