The government has tabled Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill 2021 in Parliament and it has been passed comfortably. Now, it will be converted into a Law once President Edgar C Lungu assents to it, which is just a matter of days. The Bill, ever since it was under discussion , has evoked sharp debates across sections of society. As a blessing in disguise, the debates have exposed the hypocrites and enemies of society.
Though majority of people were with the government on this, surprisingly, there is a section that has been vehemently opposing the Bill. These are the people who we have known as politicians, intellectuals or social reformers, until now. But actually they not wellwishers of the country. The Cyber Security Bill, aimed at curbing the online crimes and frauds is going to be the biggest shield of innocent Zambians. We have seen many instances wherein perverts hiding behind fake identities, have molested and abused women, girls and even circulated child pornographic material over the internet and social media platforms. Being a Christian nation, Zambia can’t allow this to happen.
The Bill which envisages curbing the nuisance seems to have rattled criminals and forced them to come out of their rat holes. It is surprising to see who is standing with the criminals. There are social reformists like Laura Miti who otherwise, pretends to be the greatest sympathizer of poor, vulnerable and underprivileged. But in this case, she is brazenly standing with the unidentified, nameless internet based criminals who exploit the poor, vulnerable and underprivileged. Ironically, despite being a woman, she is opposing the Bill that will protect the vulnerable. Similarly, Hakainde Hichilema who is aspiring to be the President of Zambia is also on the wrong side to the law. This is the most serious thing for the country. Politicians with high ambitions speaking for perpetrators of crime is not at all a good sign for democracy and definitely very bad for safety of the masses. Such tendencies need to be nipped in the bud and the what better way to do so than through the ballot.