Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Vice Prime Minister Willy Ngoopos says Zambia’s tourism sector has succeeded because of the country’s peaceful environment.

Ngoopos says Zambia has built its good tourism profile because it has never experienced civil wars.

ZANIS reports that Ngoopos was speaking shortly after visiting the Victoria Falls for in Livingstone.

He noted that there is no tourist who can visit a country where there is no peace.

He has since urged Zambians to maintain the peace which the country has enjoyed since independence adding that without peace, no tourism can thrive.

And Ngoopos, who was visiting the Victoria Falls for the first time in his lifetime, described the natural wonder as unique.

He said Zambia as a country stands out in Africa because it is endowed with not only waterfalls but also wild animals.

And Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale, who accompanied Ngoopos to Livingstone, said the current government has anchored the economy around tourism.

Mwale thanked Ngoopos for acknowledging Zambia’s peace credentials.

Ngoopos, who was in the country for a bilateral meeting on the Kasomeno-Mwenda toll road and Luapula bridge project, has since returned to DRC.