Former Civil society for Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) Chairperson, Bishop John Mambo has said that the reason the UPND Leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is now having difficulties with choosing a suitable running mate is because he is still haunted by his past mistake when choosing a running mate between Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba alias GBM and Dr. Canisius Banda in 2016.

“During the 2016 elections HH had two hardworking vice Presidents and it was very difficult for him to pick one and that is why he left it until the eleventh hour to announce his running mate. He needed to be wise and in my view he made a huge mistake by picking GBM over Dr. Banda. I think in his mind HH thought GBM was going to give him the numbers but it backfired terribly. Dr. Banda was the perfect vice President because the man is wise and understands politics very well. I think HH regrets the decision he made in 2016 and he is haunted by it,” said Bishop Mambo.

On 26th September of 2016, a month after the elections, Dr. Canisius Banda announced his resignation from the UPND three days after he was suspended by the Mr. Hichilema for “gross misconduct.” In his resignation letter, Dr. Banda said that he had given his best to the UPND but was never appreciated with party leader Hakainde Hichilema rewarding him with a suspension.