“With the recent killing of two Zambians, it was very surprising to hear my brother Hakainde say there is no need for investigations,” says Democratic Party Southern Provincial Chairlady Gloria Mapani

During the burial of a United Party for National Development member Joseph Kaunda, who was shot in a mysterious circumstance last week, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema said there was no need to investigate the killing but rather suggested the removal of the current government.

DP leader Harry Kalaba and his supporters in Southern Province

But the DP southern province strong-lady said the opposition political leadership must not only use the killings for advancing self-political interest.

“My personal thoughts are that his speech during the burial day was self-centered and a way of gaining political sympathy from the public. It is clear that my brother’s (Hakainde) interest is to be voted in as President in the coming election at all cost,” said Ms Mapani.

And Judith Moonze, a member of DP from Choongo West in Bweengwa Constituency said it was clear the only reason Mr Hichilema was attending burial of Joseph Kaunda was not because he has interest of his followers but that his attendance was for self-benefit and as platform for de-campaigning the existing government.

“My expectation was to listen to a leader who will speak more of the deceased and not only accuse the existing leadership of failing to lead his way. It is clear Hichilema is not even concerned about the deceased family, he could not even get information about the poor Kaunda, his speech had no words of sympathy on the deceased and wellbeing of the late family members,” she said.

She said it was clear Mr. Hichilema had no idea of what his faithful supporter was like, how much sacrifice he made for his party.

“HH only took interest in making a name for himself at a very wrong platform and that is how our leader Mr. Kalaba is different from him. I want to believe these are the type of leaders who would take advantage of any platform given a chance, and in this case the platform Mr. Hichilama was given was for self-gain,” said Moonze.