Cyber Hygiene Zambia Chairman, Captain Solomon Shakile has emphasised the need for responsible use of social media platforms.

In an interview with Zibani Zambia, Shakile notes with sadness that social media is becoming space of abuse were people hide behind the screen to demean others.

He fears that fake news and obscene materials that circulate on social media platforms are downgrading the country’s moral fibre and ethics as well as threatening Christian values the nation stands for.

Shakile who was part of those who undertook an awareness walk from Lusaka to Livingstone to promote good social media practices has called for responsible use of the internet.

He notes that if properly utilized, it has the potential to better people’s lives especially that the globe today depends on it.

And Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) Consumer Protection and Compliance Manager Edgar Mlauzi says issues of Cyber Crimes are of international concern.

Mlauzi explains that Zambia being a member of the International Telecommunications Union, it is bound by the International Telecommunications Resolution 130 of 2018 which advocates for Cyber Security.