Good Governance Zambia National Coordinator, Rodney Katongo has applauded President Lungu on his “wake up call” to Ministers.

President Edgar Lungu cautioned Ministers against behavior that could bring his Government into disrepute. The President also warned that ministers should not usurp the roles of technocrats as such actions would not only entangle them, but the rest of the government affairs.

Mr. Katongo has said “The President’s warning to Ministers is excellent and timely. It actually shades more light on what could be causing hiccups in some Government ministries; ministers usurping technocrats. Technocrats bring a reputational advantage both in terms of knowledge and a sense of putting national interests above political interests therefore this call from the Head of State is very progressive. What the president raised is very vital and an action plan should follow through. The reality is that technocrats are very effective in drawing up and implementing national policies because they rise above the paralyzing political rancor in party politics. They are the ones who have the ability to implement tough policies that would normally fail to get the essential political support if introduced by any politician loyal to a party or constituency.”

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Katongo added “President Lungu’s warning to ministers is an act of good governance, and as advocates of good governance we would like to categorically agree with the president and state that ministers should not impose their personal agenda and will against the advice and guidelines of technocrats in their ministries.’’


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