The National Democratic Congress Copperbelt wishes to register it’s full support of the National Governing Councils’ decision to maintain the party’s membership to the UPND Alliance of Partners and fully backs the expulsion of President Kambwili.

We are behind our Leadership for the following reasons–:

1. We have been indeed well over three years in the UPND Alliance negotiating and were recently assured that we had covered almost 99.99℅ of the issues at hand.

This development was an assurance that indeed only 0.001℅ was left which was too minimal.

2. The Zambians generally wanted the UPND Alliance to succeed

3. We the grassroots were already in tendam working with our UPND Partners.

4. We would rather work with UPND and others than the Patriot Front

5. If the now former President wants to work with the PF it is agaisnt the wishes of the grassroots and therefore he can leave us in peace.

6. The leadership in the UPND Alliance have been very consistent in there approach to National issues that concern all Zambians especially the fiscal discipline policy to address Poverty.

We also want to congratulate President HH for being Elected the UPND Alliance President.

George Sichula
NDC Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson