The upnd has been in the past week affected with internal wrangles as many UPND members are blaming Gary Nkombo for favoring his friends and relatives.

The Mazabuka member of Parliament and the Chairperson for UPND’s adoption elections Mr. Gary Nkombo has been blamed by most of the UPND youths who believe that Mr. Nkombo is influencing the upnd national management committee(NMC) to adopt his friends and family members to stand as candidates.

A Nicolas Daka who is one of the UPND members and a Munali resident wondered how UPND of all people settled for Mike Mposha, a man who is not even familiar with Munali. Mr. Daka said that Lilian Mutambo was by far a better candidate to contest on the Munali seat than Mr. Mposha who he considered a time waster and a none entity.

Mr. Daka went further to claim that Mike Mposha was Mr. Gary Nkombo’s very close friend, he said the two are usually found hanging out together on weekends, he said Mr. Gary and Mposha are old-time friends, the reason Mr. Gary selected him instead of Liliana Mutambo who was more experienced and was familiar with the constituency.

Mr. Daka went further to state that the action taken by Mr. Nkombo will drastically affect the vote outcome, more especially for Munali where he believes upnd votes will be divided between Lilian and Mposha.

The fixed UPND adoption process has angered many supporters which have resulted in verbal and physical infighting which recently forced the UPND Ndola district secretariate offices to close down after members of the UPND were dissatisfied with the UPND’s adoption which Mr. Gary Nkombo has been setting.