…..stresses that the failed opposition alliance unmasks UPND’s inability to work with others

If Dr Chishimba Kambwili decides to re-join the Patriotic Front, it is his fundamental right, nobody should intimidate him, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe has said.

Mr Ntewewe anticipated positive results if the embattled National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader re-joins the ruling party.

This comes following media reports purporting that Dr Kambwili is considering either to re-join PF or get into an alliance with it, after the failed alliance with the now called “UPND alliance.”

Mr Ntewewe said in an interview that Dr Kambwili, who has been in the politics for a long time has people who follow him religiously.

He added that his followers would come along if the opposition leader re-joins the ruling party, thereby increasing numbers since politics is “about numbers.”

“Dr Chishimba has been a political figure in this country for a very long time. There are people who religiously follow Dr Chishimba Kambwili and those may come along with him,” he said.

“He will be able to play a very important role in the election. Everyone would love him on the scene during campaigns.”

Mr Ntewewe also mentioned that the failed alliance between the NDC and the UPND entails that the UPND is not a team player and that the party leader Hakainde Hichilema is not capable of working with anyone.

He recalled that all the people who have in the past tried to work with Hichilema have failed and have “come back lamenting.”

Commenting on the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill Which awaits Presidential assent, Mr Ntewewe said Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo needs to operationise the Bill as soon as it becomes Law to mitigate cybercrimes.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ntewewe said elections are not a matter of life and death but strictly competition for public office.

He has stressed the need for political players to preach peace and emulate the Head of State who has used platform to denounce violence in the country.

CREDIT: SmartEagles