TEN civil society and student organizations have launched a consortium called the CSOs launch Democracy and Motherland Defenders Coalition (DMDC).

And the Coalition has commended the Electoral Commission of Zambia for the efforts and resources it deployed to ensure available and willing citizens register as voters.

Democracy and Motherland Defenders Coalition (DMDC) launhed

Speaking during the launch this morning at Mika Lodges, DMDC Spokesperson Andrew Ntewewe said Zambians have a duty to chart their own paths by creating democratic governance systems that speaks as well as responds to the country’s unique greatness.

“The course of Zambia can only be decided upon by the Zambian people. Zambia can only be built by the labor and sacrifices of the citizens who genuinely love and have total loyalty to Zambia” said Mr Ntewewe.

The Coalition said Zambia is faced with challenges of betrayal and foreign interference in the management of our national and electoral affairs.

“Our country has been betrayed by some selfish, unpatriotic citizens who have ganged up against our country with foreign interests that are championing and positioning capitalistic imperialism ideals.  These foreign interests have no obligations to love or be loyal to our country, their loyalty lies in how much of our God given resources they can take out of our country,” said Ntewewe.

The consortium said Zambians must refuse to be a generation that fail to defend and protect its motherland from foreign interference.

“Our fore fathers and mothers with the little resources at their disposal vigorously fought colonies to create the Zambia we have today. This generation has a duty to continue defending Zambia and positioning her to be competitive beyond the 21st century,” said Ntewewe.

The Consortium has officially written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia requesting for them to carry out an independent audit of the new voter’s register ahead of its certification next year.

The 10-member consortium include among others Young African Leaders Initiative, Center for Leadership and Good Governance, Center for Community Development, Zambian Institute of Governance and Civil Liberties Platform and Public Health and Good Governance Zambia, among others.