His Grace Archbishop of Lusaka Dr. Alick Banda has distanced the Catholic Church from remarks of former Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Lusaka Telesphore George Mpundu stating that those sentiments do not reflect the standing of the Catholic Faithfuls.

The former Archbishop Mpundu was quoted in News Diggers referring to Republican President Edgar Lungu as a crook who wants to eliminate Hakainde Hichilema from the race so he can continue governing Zambia.

Archbishop Banda says the role of the church is to mediate and not to fuel conflict or take sides in political conflicts or among political players.

“We read in the Holy Writings that all authorities have been put in place by our Lord. As a clergy, we are therefore under our Lord-given obligation to not only provide leadership in supporting the government of the day but also in respecting the Authority which the Lord himself has installed,” says Archbishop Banda.

The Archbishop of Lusaka said the clergy, whether retired or in full service to the Lord, should be men who must be seen as mediators in times of conflict, misunderstanding and not as main champions or actors in trouble making.

Even when we feel the heat or pressured, I remind all the Faithful ones to always remember the Holy Writings in Proverbs 29 verse 11 on the need to always hold back and reflect on what we say.

The controversial former Archbishop was the Guest of Honour at the UPND’s 20 years’ celebration of the existence of the party held at Intercontinental Hotel Lusaka in 2018.

HH meets Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner in 2018


  1. Archbishop Banda, well said. lets adhere to teachings of the bible on being non partisan. Mpundu is lost sheep in his old age

    • We indeed expect church leaders to show us the way in respecting Authorities no matter the differences you may have with them. Calling the President with such a term is turning himself into the firing range as a political foe

  2. Catholic church is the reason we had fatal wars in history. The man is trying to distance himself from the Church. Respect his right

  3. Seriously I was wondering what type of demon has entered the Catholic Church until this Archbishop has now spoken sense. Help ba Mpundu to get back into the life befitting of a man who served God faithfully. He is being mischievous


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