IT is important for Chishimba Kambwili who has been forgiven by President Edgar Lungu to change for the better by engaging in politics devoid of character assassination as a way of going forward, the Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) has advised.

And ICOZ president Bishop David Masupa has commended President Lungu for accepting Kambwili’s apology.

On Friday, President Lungu said he has accepted Kambwili’s unreserved apology after accusing him of being a drug dealer and all the anguish he had caused the first family.

This was after the NDC leader unreservedly apologised to President Lungu and Lusaka businessman, Vadley Findlay for accusing them of being drug dealers, saying he was misinformed on the matter.

Bishop Masupa said by accepting Kambwili’s apology, President Lungu has demonstrated to be a genuine Christian who not only preaches but believes in Christian tenets such as reconciliation.

In an interview, Bishop Masupa, who welcomed President Lungu’s acceptance of Kambwili’s apology said it was high time the latter tamed his tongue and changed for the better.

He said it could not have been easy for the Head of State to forgive, accept and forgive Kambwili for the grievous damage he caused to his reputation.

“I think this shows that President Lungu is a believer who subscribe to Christian values. He really believe in reconciliation,” Bishop Masupa said.

The clergyman said much as he commended Kambwili for apologising to President Lungu over drug-dealing accusations, the NDC leader must move away from politics of character assassination and deal with issues factually.

He however said Kambwili should equally not be condemned for issuing his apology to the Head of State because that was a sign of growth and maturity for one to realise their own wrong and apologise for it.

Bishop Masupa has also urged all political leaders to tone down in their language for the sake of peace and love as the country heads towards the August 12 general elections.