Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Services (GEARS) Initiative
Director McDonald Chipenzi is reportedly holding the UPND to ransom over his adoption as he threatens to spill the beans should he be left out.

Mr. Chipenzi who single handedly monitored and coordinated the UPND’s General Elective Assembly in February claims he knows a lot about what transpired and should the party repeat it’s mistake of not adopting him like they did in 2016, he will go all out telling the nation classified information the party doesn’t want disclosed.

The results for the UPND’s elective assembly took a week to be announced and Chipenzi worked worked in the background to make sure the outcome suited the party’s agenda of removing the tribal tag. Many Zambians questioned how the likes of Garry Nkombo, Cornelius Mweetwa and Jack Mwiimbu – nicknamed “the three musketeers” were beaten pants down by the likes of Mutale Nalumango, Patrick Mucheleka and William Banda because the three musketeers are the UPND’s pillars.

Mr. Chipenzi worked tirelessly trying to convince the nation through the media that the delays were normal due to the high numbers of votes cast, however many people did not buy his stories especially after the final results were officially announced because they seemed fabricated and cooked up.

Nobody knows what kind of classified information Mr. Chipenzi is threatening the UPND of spilling should he not get adopted and we don’t want to speculate, nontheless the one and only thing we are certain of is that he is seeking adoption on the UPND as their Siavonga Parliamentary candidate for the second time running after losing out to incumbent UPND member of Parliament Hon. Darius Mulunda in 2016. Hon. Mulundu has expressed interest to defend his seat and he is confident he will again beat Chipenzi.

We just like you are anxiously waiting to see what happens should Chipenzi bite the dust again. Mr. Chipenzi is a UPND card carrying member hiding behind a civil society organization that is bent on opposing and frustrating Government’s efforts and plans through his ferocious and malicious checks and balances