Traditional leaders have urged President Edgar Lungu to continue seeking the face of God in his leadership.

Chiefs Chamuka and Chipepo also prayed for the Head of State before the commencement of the 20th Anniversary of the Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) in Lusaka’s Matero Township today.

“God is still behind Mr. President, continue beliving in Him. Your Excellency, You together with Zambians prayed for rains and the rains have come. We now pray against the Corona Virus and and so far Zambia has not been badly hit with the pandemic compared to other countries,” Chief Chipepo said.

And Chief Chamuka of Chisamba District, Central Province, says Chiefs are happy that girls are doing well in schools compared to their male counterparts.

“Going by the recent examination results in grade seven, nine and ten where girls scored more than boys, it shows that government is doing enough to encourage the girl child to work hard in school and this will ensure reduced early marriages in the country. I urge you, Your Excellency, to continue championing the fight against early marriages and child abuse,” Chief Chamuka said.

The traditional leader has however, noted with concern the decay of morals and values among Zambians.

“We the Chiefs agree with Your position, Your Excellency, when you addressed Parliament during the SONA address last month that there was need for Zambians to uphold morals and we are also worried that a number of Zambians are losing tradition, morals and patriotism,” Chief Chamuka said.