The chief of the Tonga people chief Mukuni has reacted over rumors that Hakainde was almost assassinated yesterday. Chief Mukuni on his Facebook has said killing Mr Hichilema would be the biggest mistake the nation can ever make because the nation would go to war. The chief said Hakainde was not only a Zambian but he was an icon of the nation like Simon Mwansa Kapwewe, Kenneth Kaunda and Patrick Levy Mwanawasa. He said that this was how much Zambians valued Mr Hichilema, the reason if anyone touched Hakainde Hichilema, they would face the full attack by the Zambian people who would seek vengeance over the death of the Zambian icon they have come to love. Chief Mukuni went further to state that apart from the Zambians having their vengeance, he personally would find the killer of Mr Hichilema using the ancestral powers which was bestowed upon him when he was chosen to lead his tribe. The chief stated that his powers were very powerful that the four fathers that protect the powers manage to see everything and the killers fate who would have tried to kill Hichilema would not only befall on him but the people who sent him and his family too. The Chief said people should not underestimate his ancestral powers which were bestowed upon him because many who dared him before are no longer breathing. He said if anyone truly wants peace then they should not dare touch Hakainde or else the calamities will follow. The chief said that he was sick and tired of some people who thought they were in authority putting Hakainde at risk, he promised to who ever would put Hakainde in arms way not only death but death to thier families too.