REVELATIONS of why UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma defected to the PF cannot be ignored and pushed under the rug. These are the same exact reasons why Royd Moonga, GBM and many others left the UPND. According to Mr. Kakoma, Hakainde Hichilema at many occasions labelled Bembas and Easterners to be rotten and once UPND formed government, he would reduce it’s numbers in public offices as much as possible to pave way for Southerners and other provinces that have supported the UPND. He told Mr Kakoma, that once UPND obtained power, it would rid of the stench of the two tribes from public service offices. Kakoma went further to reveal that Mr Hichilema could have had a hand in the gassing incidences and the burning of markets such as COMESA and City Market. More details coming soon.