Infrastructure development is a catalysts for sustainable growth, it’s development does not only improve people’s way of life because it also opens up the country to the outside world, and allows trade and commerce to flourish. The PF Government are no doubt the only Government to date that has made infrastructure development it’s main agenda.

This year Zambia goes to the  polls and the mega question is – what is on your mind as a voter?  Is it the candidate, the party, the performance of the incumbent, promises of the aspirant or indeed what your friends and family feel about Candidates? Gone are the days when voters were influenced by emotions of the candidate and peers.

Today, the sole criteria for voting for instance the incumbent is based on what has he done during his tenure and for the aspirant it’s based on what he intends to do once voted. At this moment, Zambia is at this juncture. Aspiring candidates are trying to woo the voters by promising stars and the incumbent is using his report card for the last five years. This is the global trend and Zambia is no different. People will vote the candidate who has proven track record when it comes to the development of the country.

Based on this benchmark, we don’t see even one competitor coming close to President Edgar C Lungu in the race to plot one. The massive infrastructure developmental works he carried out in the country over last seven years speaks for itself and will attract votes. During his tenure he has transformed the country with various developmental projects, be it roads, power, agriculture, industries and manufacturing. The road works, flyovers, several schemes for youth empowerment, power sector, health sector, education just to mention but a few give him a huge advantage over his rivals.

President Edgar Lungu has done massive infrastructure work and on the contrary, his main challenger Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s biggest achievements is selling national assets to his friends in the name of privatization, becoming rich riding on the privatization money and exploiting youths and women for his personal gains. He has literally zero administrative and governance experience.

Recently, after his foolish tweet about appointments on finance committees went wrong, Laura Miti his paid up parrot gave him an earful on social media because she couldn’t stand his sheer ignorance and arrogance on matters of  Governance. The careless tweet exposed HH a lot and it for this reason why we need to be very careful when making decisions that would impact our lives such as electing national leaders.

Before making our final decisions on who to vote for in this year’s election, we need to weigh all the pros and cons of the candidates and double check our answers. When we do our own unbiased evaluations, the logical conclusion is that the odds are favoring President Edgar Chagwa Lungu because he has the experience, capacity and on top of all that the massive developmental works under his belt. Certainly Zambians can’t ignore the massive Infrastructure development because it’s ever in front of their eyes.