In December 2018, 10 opposition political parties came together to form an alliance which would work together with one goal, remove the government in power. A few months later UPND members claimed the opposition alliance we’re thinking of settling down for Hakainde to lead the pact. However many were unsatisfied with a self made proclamation by the UPND owing to the fact that they didn’t seat down as an alliance to discuss who would lead and secondly looking at Hakaindes history with failed pacts inclusive of the PF-UPND pact that saw Hakainde Hichilema challenging Mr Sata to leadership position despite UPND being the smaller in numbers. In a short period we have seen parties like the PeP, Narep and the latest Mr Sinkamba of the green party who has ditched the pact after Hakainde chose to insult father Lupupa on his Facebook page. The pact is now surviving by only two parties, UPND and NDC. The NDC however seems to be undecided of what do next. In 2019 NDC President Kambwili had written to UPND, requesting for UPND not to contest in Lubwa ward but rather support them like they did for UPND, however HH turned down the request and campaigned for his member, this led to NDC being less active in the alliance. Rumours have emerged that the leader of the NDC is in talks with the PF government and is planning on returning to the PF party, however NDC spokesperson Saboi emboela, the woman who had her husband arrested for selling a family car, refuted the claims of Kambwili planning to ditch the NDC party and that the NDC will remain in the pact with UPND. Can Bally fix the opposition alliance he started before it becomes the 4th failure of the UPND.