By Brightwell Chabusha

A 31-year-old man of Dubeka farm off Mumbwa road in Lusaka West has been arrested for killing his 16-year-old cousin.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed that Amos Dubeka allegedly killed Joyce Dubeka on Sunday by beheading her.

It is alleged that Amos threw the head in a pit latrine and buried the rest of the body in a shallow grave.

“A report was received from Male Dubeka Hambala, aged 65, of Dubeka farm off Mumbwa Road in Lusaka West that his granddaughter Joyce Dubeka aged 16 was murdered by Amos Dubeka aged 31, who is his cousin, by beheading her using unknown type of a weapon. The head was thrown in a pit latrine while the rest of the body was buried in a shallow grave,” she said. “This is reported to have occurred on 07th March, 2021 between 08:00 hours and 18:00 hours at Dubeka farm in Lusaka West.”

Mrs Katongo stated that Amos had allegedly attempted to commit suicide by consuming some unknown noxious substance and was rushed to UTH where he was receiving treatment under police guard and was later discharged.

Amos is currently detained in police custody while the remains of the deceased person have been buried after postmortem.

“Investigations into the matter have continued,” Mrs Katongo stated.