Protests against the re-adoption of veteran Monze Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu, to recontest the seat for the fifth time have continued and spread to other places including Bweengwa where scores of villagers have defected to the PF.

The protests in Bweengwa come barely a few days after residents in Monze Central took to the streets demanding that Mwiimbu, one of the longest serving MPs steps down and paves the way for a youthful candidate.

The protests in Bweengwa follow the decision by the UPND national management committee to re-adopt incumbent MP, Michelo Kasauta.

The protesters said they have lost confidence in the leadership of UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema who they accused of ignoring people’s concerns on the adoption process which had been marred by corruption and intimidation.

According to a video circulating on social media, protesters were heard saying they were disappointed with Hichilema for going ahead to re-adopt Kasauta who they said has failed to develop the constituency.

They also accused the former MP of misappropriating Constituency Development Funds.

“Mr party president, we started a long time ago, telling you that we don’t want Kasauta but you have gone ahead to readopt him at the expense of popular candidates so we are leaving to join the ruling party,” one protester said

Another one said the people in the UPND had now realised that the party had not been winning the general elections because of the rotten leadership at the top.